Khadi Satritha Herbal Shampoo 210 ml (Pack of 2)

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Khadi Satritha Herbal Shampoo 210 ml

This Shampoo coming in a sturdy plastic bottle.The shampoo is in Red colour liquid.This shampoo lathers well and cleans the hair well.This shampoo leaves hair normal neither shiny nor dry. They mentioned it is suitable for all hair types. It has the goodness of Amla, so It can help in grey hair problems. It smells awesome and the smell stays on the hair for some time.

· Powerful cleansing action that does not disturb natural balances
· Removes toxins, strengthens and protects the hair
· Its ingredient Amla restores acids-alkaline balance
· Neem leaf, Tulsi take care of skin and scalp diseases
· Clears the clogged pores of the scalp.

 Likes With Khadi Herbal Shampoo Satritha:

  • This a Herbal shampoo.
  • It has the goodness of Amla, Methi, Neem Etc
  • Lathers well and cleans the hair well.
  • Leaves the hair as it is, won’t dry out
  • Affordable and large quantity
  • Leaves hair soft and controls hair fall.



Khadi Satritha Herbal Shampoo 210 ml

Satritha Herbal Shampoo gives us long shiny smooth hairs while other herbs acts on split ends and brittle frizzy hair making it smooth and even from root to tip.My hair fall has reduced, but has not been cured completely though.

Ingredients : Ritha, Shikakai, Amla, Neem Leaves, Methi, Bal Chhad, Sugandha, Cleanser.

How to Apply : Pour 5-6ml of shampoo on your wet hair, massage for 5 min. in circular motion, rinse thoroughly with water.


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