Khadi Olive Oil Pure & Natural Essential Oil,210Ml

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Khadi Olive Oil Pure & Natural 210ml

  • Olive Oil Is Rich In Vitamins, Natural Fatty Acids, Minerals. The Natural Organic Properties Help With Brightening, Lighting And Protect Your Skin, Hence, Not Only Does It Have Skin Beauty Benefits But Also Health Benefits. Usually Yellow Color Extra Virgin Oil Is Of The Highest Quality Among The Other Types.
  • It’S Unrefined
  • Thus It Contains The Most, Nutrients, Minerals And Vitamins Found In Olives. Its Quality, Plus Its Minimal Level Of Acidity At 0.8%, Extra Virgin Oil Is Most Expensive And The Best For Skin And Face Lightening Compared To The Other Types.
  • Used As A Skin Lightener Olive Oil Has Plenty Of Properties That Make It Possible For You To Have A Glowing Natural Skin. These Features Come Up With Different Benefits For The Skin Some Like Vitamins Help Heal And Revitalize Skin
  • You Would Want Lightened Skin With Unevenly Damaged Skin. Thus When You Apply It On Your Skin And Face You Will See Lighter And Brighter Skin Within Days. Olive Oil Is All Organic And Natural Quicker Nourished And Protected Brighter Skin And Ensures Your Skin Stays That Way. Olive Oil Has Many Beneficial Uses.
  • Benefits of Olive Oil

    • Contains healthy monounsaturated fat called Oleic Acid
    • Resistant to high heat, making it a good choice for cooking
    • Contains antioxidants that help prevent cancer
    • High in good cholesterol
    • Contains Vitamin E that nourishes skin
    • Moisturizes hair reduces scalp irritation and dandruff


Khadi Olive Oil Pure & Natural 210ml

Khadi Olive Oil is rich with Minerals, Vitamins,  &  Proteins which deeply nourishes your skin also consist of essential fatty acids mainly alpha linoleic acid which vitalizes skin making it softer moist helps in removal of scars and stretchmarks also provides immense conditioning of scalp and hair.

Ingredients : Olive, vitamins, mix of rare herbs.

How to Apply : Pour 3-5 ml of oil on your scalp or skin massage gently in circular motion.


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