Khadi Herbal Sandalwood Alovera Moisturizer 210ml

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Khadi Herbal Sandalwood Alovera Moisturizer 210ml

It is white in colour, has a lotion like thick texture and a mild sandalwood smell. But I am not much fond of sandalwood fragrance. Smell is not strong so it will not bother the sensitive noses. Being thick in texture it is not runny. By opening the flip cap one can take out the required quantity. After cleansing my face. It hydrates the skin very nicely and disappears into the skin. People with dry skin would love it.The moisturising impact stayed on me for 4-5 hours which is very good from a product having this price point.

• Affordable.
• Does not make the skin greasy.
• Does not feel heavy
• No chemicals.




Khadi Herbal Sandalwood Alovera Moisturizer 210ml

Herbal Moisturizing Lotion with Sandal wood & Aloe Vera gives lighter complexion to your skin nourishing & moisturizing skin from deep within. Also giving the lingering aroma from skin. Leaving your skin glowing and supple.

Packaging: It comes in standard khadi packaging. The same transparent bottle with a flip top cap. I find it very boring. But as I am concerned with the quality of the product and not the packaging so it does not really matter to me.

Product Description: Recommended for all skin types. Sandalwood has a cooling effect, heals sunburns, lightens sports, marks and pigmentation.

How to use: Massage face, neck and nape in an upward.

Ingredients: Aqua, sandalwood, wheat germ oil, neem, kesar, Aloevera base.



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