Khadi Herbal Rosewood Essential oil 15ml

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Khadi Herbal Rosewood Essential oil 15ml

 Rosewood Essential Oil:

• Sweet, mild fragrance of rose and wood
• Its fragrance relieves stress and relaxes the mind
• Loved the packaging
• Appealing wooden cap
• Multiple uses and benefits
• Affordable price
• Uplifts mood
• Free of alcohol
• Free of parabens
• No artificial fragrance
• Free of phthalates
• Very natural
• Nourishes the skin



Khadi Herbal Rosewood Essential oil 15ml

It is also useful and helpful in relieving body pain including arthritis. It treats indigestion and sore throat too. It helps in overcoming lethargy apathy, chronic fatigue, and it balances and uplifts the mood. It can also be used for stretch marks, dry and sensitive skin, damaged skin, scars etc. I’ve used the oil in making a sea salt relaxing body scrub. Its fragrance and special properties help relieve the stress, relaxes the mind and nourishes skin and body. You can go ahead and mix it with moisturisers, rose water, face packs, bathing water and what not, for it’s totally natural and safe to use.


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