Khadi Herbal Lemon Essential oil 15ml

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Khadi Herbal Lemon Essential oil 15ml

 Lemon Essential Oil:

⦁ Attractive packaging.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Refreshing fragrance.
⦁ Smooth and non-sticky.
⦁ Dissolves with any product.
⦁ Rejuvenates the body.
⦁ Refreshes mind and uplifts my mood.
⦁ Proper and regular usage improves the skin.
⦁ Reduces rashes and lightens dark spots.
⦁ Makes skin look glowy and clean.
⦁ Many other uses and benefits.


Khadi Herbal Lemon Essential oil 15ml

Texture, Quality and Benefits: The lemon oil has a normal-thin texture that glides smoothly. This lightweight oil does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. In fact, it gets absorbed quite quickly, making the skin feel fresh and smooth. But, since this is a lemon oil, it is really strong for the skin. It is so strong in nature that it can burn your skin. So, never apply this oil directly on your skin. Always remember that excess amount of this oil will burn your skin and make your skin red. If you do like to steam your face, this one is a good oil. It revives the senses and takes away tiredness. It feels really soothing this way. You can mix this oil with some other carrier oil and then it won’t feel too strong, and will work well for the skin.


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