Khadi Herbal Lavender Essential oil 15ml

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Khadi Herbal Lavender Essential oil 15ml

Khadi Lavender Oil:

1. Smells heavenly.
2. Price is justified given its quality.
3. Has worked for my scalp and body.
4. Helps in sleeping well.


Khadi Herbal Lavender Essential oil 15ml

Eczema can be a very embarrassing skin condition, but only if one doesn’t have lavender oil handy. This is because the oil has the ability to relieve itching and reduce the symptoms of eczema. It also decongests the irritated areas on the skin by adding moisture, thereby accelerating the healing process. It is recommended that lavender be diluted in a carrier oil before using for this purpose. Lavender oil is extremely effective in treating hair loss. This is because it cures insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, which are associated with hair loss.


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